Our vision: become an international leader in gastroenterology and dermocosmetics. Two activities that constitute the historical expertise of Mayoly Spindler.

Supported by specific geographic objectives, our international development strategy is defined by three priorities:


This is both our historical expertise and our main target. Mayoly Spindler has an excellent reputation in gastroenterology, and we plan to capitalize on this to become a global leader in the field. We earn almost 60% of our revenue in this area. Today, we bring over-the-counter drugs to patients, and we innovate to provide solutions for patients with specific medical conditions.


We develop cosmetic moisturizing formulas under the Topicrem brand based on our pharmaceutical laboratory standards. Topicrem aims to become a top brand in France and on international markets. Our goal is to make Topicrem the leading skin moisturizer for every family and in every country worldwide.


Mayoly Spindler is an independent French laboratory that develops its own products, from drug design to marketing. This advantage, coupled with our power of innovation, enables us to establish ourselves in key geographic areas and to increase our market share internationally, by developing strategic positions in emerging countries.

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