We strongly promote cultural, ethnic and social diversity.

At Mayoly Spindler diversity is an asset. Promoting pluralism and favouring diversity amongst our workforce makes us better and stronger. Our commitment to diversity empowers the social relations within our organization, and strengthens the company’s image with our customers, suppliers and consumers in France and abroad.

  1. 1We trainour staff involved in hiring, training and career management about non-discrimination and diversity.
  2. 2We respect the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms when it comes to hiring, training, promoting and providing career development services for our employees.
  3. 3We reflectthe cultural and ethnic diversity of French society in our workforce, at all skill levels.
  4. 4We communicate to all of our employees about our commitment to non-discrimination and diversity and about the practical results of this commitment.
  5. 5We dialogue with employee representatives about our diversity policy.
  6. 6We develop our commitment to non-discrimination and diversity, in terms of actions, best practices and results.