Acquiring the goods and services we need under the best technical and financial conditions, and upholding our CSR policy.

Mayoly Spindler buys its services, materials, packaging items, industrial equipment, and everything else our company needs from a panel of approved suppliers based on a clear purchasing policy.

We require all our suppliers to comply with the quality standards in the pharmaceutical, health and dermocosmetic sectors, and they must also have a CSR policy in place. We ensure that our relationships are productive, effective and in line with the strategic objectives of Mayoly Spindler.


We are constantly looking for opportunities to work with suppliers that can provide better services than what’s available on the market today, thereby improving the performance of Mayoly Spindler.

Your innovations or ideas can help transform Mayoly Spindler. We want to hear from you!


Questions about Non-Production Purchases

Questions about Production Purchases