An international focus is now firmly part of the corporate culture.
The successes in France naturally encouraged Mayoly Spindler to pursue global ambitions. To conquer international markets, the company began by entering into distribution agreements with local agents. Throughout the last twenty years, we have established partnerships in many countries, and in some cases we opened subsidiaries in order to ramp up our product development business.

Founded in 1970, the Belgian subsidiary was our first subsidiary. The expansion continued in 2005 with the creation of the Mexican subsidiary to reach the North American market.

In 2011, Mayoly Spindler opened subsidiaries in Russia and Algeria, followed by Spain in 2014 and England in 2016. Supported by a desire to develop high-performance products for specific therapeutic applications, Mayoly Spindler now earns 41% of its revenue in international markets.

In October 2016, our laboratory continued its international development with the acquisition of the young Swiss laboratory Kibion. Mayoly Spindler became the leader in urea1 breath tests used for screening and monitoring Helicobacter pylori infections, the bacteria responsible for ulcers and gastric cancers.

November 2016 marked the opening of Société Mayoly Bela, our affiliate in Belarus. One of the major markets in the CIS area where Mayoly Spindler products have been marketed for more than 15 years.